Woman transforms $20 find from Facebook Marketplace into adorable toddler bed

This aunt transformed a $20 bed she got online into a personalized dream haven for her toddler nephew, who is transitioning from crib to bed

Having a cool aunt has its perks, especially when she’s TikToker Valencia Walker (@valenciavibing). To help her nephew transition from a crib to a toddler bed, she transformed a $20 bed from Facebook Marketplace into a DIY masterpiece. 

In the video, Walker takes viewers through a step-by-step process of the bed’s glow-up. The shot pre-makeover reveals a wooden bed that’s beat-up but has potential.

After cleaning the Facebook find, the appropriately self-described “rad aunt” began priming the bed with a matching “matte-ink blue” color. To further customize the creation, she added a block letter stencil design of her nephew’s name. 

For the stencil art, Valencia employed a system that’s easy for anyone to do at home. Using any word processor on your computer, zoom in on the page, then select your font and size. Once you have the layout complete, place a piece of plain white paper against the screen and trace over the pattern. 

Like a “typical 3-year-old,” Walker’s nephew decided to nix a monster truck theme at the last minute. So with the paint job finished and one less tracing to complete, Walker transferred the design directly onto the bed using carbon paper.

Finally, she painted within the tracing lines with a flat brush, noting that the flat brush will help achieve that “crisp block lettering” aesthetic. Finally, she added a few layers of paint for a clean finish. And voila! Walker pans out to reveal her nephew’s one-of-a-kind dream bed.  

Viewers were impressed with Walker’s decorative DIY, with one commenting, “Love this! The stencil tutorial is awesome!” 

Other users shared their enthusiasm for Facebook Marketplace, with one posting, “People that don’t utilize Facebook Marketplace are insane!! I have gotten AMAZING deals on so much.”

You shouldn’t have to break the bank to get high-quality pieces for your kids. As proven by Valencia, a little imagination and creativity can really stretch a $20 bill.

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