DIY washable paint makes bath time a blast for kids

This TikTok parent shared a genius hack for making a fun bath time paint set that washes off easily!

If your kids aren’t fans of bath time, TikTok parent Myriam Sandler (@mothercould) might just have the perfect hack for you! Myriam shares a wide range of fun parenting hacks and activities on her TikTok account, including a hack for making washable paint your kids can use in the bath or shower to make bath time more fun!

In the video, Myriam starts by grabbing a muffin tin. She fills one cup of the muffin tin with a generous amount of shaving cream and a little bit of shower gel. Then, she adds a few drops of red food coloring and mixes it in. 

Myriam repeats the same process with each cup in the muffin tin, adding different colors for each cup. The final tray of “paints” is delightfully foamy and features 12 different colors ranging from vibrant reds and oranges to deep blues and greens. 

In the next shot, Myriam shows how her kids enjoy the washable paint set. Her two daughters stand in a shower stall wearing bathing suits. Myriam has added a few paintbrushes to the paint set, and her daughters are dipping the paintbrushes into different colors, then painting the tile walls of the shower stall. 

On one wall, the creative kids paint rainbow stripes, while on another wall, they paint semi-abstract shapes that look a bit like a palm tree, a cloud, and the sun. 

Because the paints are washable, the kids don’t need to worry about spilling or making a mess, and much of the floor of the shower is also covered in paint. 

In the final shot, Myriam shows just how easily the paint washes off. Her kids simply grab the shower head, turn on the water, and point it at the walls. The paint disappears almost immediately. 

Viewers applauded the fun hack and some even wished Myriam could be their mom!

“Can you adopt me?” one TikToker joked. 

“Cool and creative. They are having fun! I want to do this with my son and nieces!” wrote another viewer.  

“Extra points for getting the kids to clean their mess as fun,” another viewer commented.

To which Myriam replied, “That’s what it’s all about!”

Whether your kids need a little extra incentive to take a bath or you’re simply looking for a fun, mess-free activity, Myriam’s bath time paint set is worth trying out!

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