Woman shares bombshell ‘plot twist’ she allegedly uncovered after taking DNA test

A woman learned shocking information about her biological family history after taking a DNA test.

TikTok user @jordynthe1st said in a post that while she was growing up, neither she nor her mother knew who her father was. Her mom told her she believed that he was Puerto Rican, and it wasn’t until she took an ancestry test at 17 that she doubted that.

“I was actually half Afghan and not Puerto Rican at all,” @jordynthe1st said. She added that when she turned 20, she messaged a cousin she found through the ancestry website who claimed her biological father’s family had been living in her hometown her whole life.

After getting so much positive news, she claimed she uncovered a sad twist of fate — her biological dad’s mother alleged that he was deported in his 20s and was not allowed back in the United States.

When his family told him about the daughter he had never met, things started to look up again for @jordynthe1st.

“He accepted me with open arms, and now I am no longer fatherless (though from a distance),” she wrote. “Plus he turned out to be rich and wants to financially make up for lost time… what is my life.”

In a follow-up video, @jordynthe1st explained that her biological parents had only met once.

“Hook-ups happened back then too, and they didn’t have an easy way to contact each other,” she said. “She had a Puerto Rican boyfriend a little bit after she met him, and that’s why they thought I was Puerto Rican.”

She added that her mom only remembered the hook-up after she received her DNA test results, and thankfully, she remembered his name, so she could ask the relative about him through the ancestry website.

Most commenters expressed their support for @jordynthe1st and compared her story to the plot of the movie The Princess Diaries.

“Needs to be a Netflix series,” one user said.

“You’re living my dream,” another wrote.

“Such a happy ending,” a third remarked.

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