DNA test leaves TikToker questioning her identity

A TikToker who was hoping to learn a little more about her ancestry took a DNA test, but she ended up with more questions than answers.

“I’m sure it’s just a mistake … help?” TikTok user lyddelle_, whose real name is Lydia Ellen, captioned her post, which now has more than 6 million views.


I’m sure it’s just a mistake…. help? #fyp #trend #viral #Bossit2021

♬ original sound – Static2.0😄

She explained that after she took the DNA test, it connected her with relatives from around the world — but when she plugged in her birth date, the website told her that there was no one named Lydia Ellen born that day.

From there, she searched her home for her medical records and found papers that suggested she received her first vaccination at 18 months old in July 1997.

Just one problem, though — as far as she knows, she wasn’t born until May 1998. Her medical records suggested she was born in November 1995, which would make her three years older than she thought she was.

“Surely it’s just a mistake,” Ellen said in the video.

In a follow-up video, she shared screenshots proving what she found in her records.

She also said that when she confronted her parents about the date on her vaccine records, her mom said “it was an innocent mistake.” She assured commenters that her parents were not lying, either.

In a fourth video, Ellen explained that she wasn’t showing up as a person in this genealogy website’s system because there weren’t enough records of her own existence because she hadn’t gotten married yet. She also said all of her other medical records had what appears to be the correct date on them.

She turned off the comments on her posts, saying she was “overwhelmed” by the negative feedback she received.

“It does still seem a little bit weird,” she admitted.

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