Doctor tells TikTok why it’s dangerous to leave scented candles on too long

A doctor (@lifeofadoctor) on TikTok stitched a video of a woman who fell asleep with a scented candle on to let the internet know the health risks of doing so. 

The woman in the original video stated that after letting the scented candle burn all night, she woke up with a weird substance in her body.


Scented candles that burn for too long

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“I woke up, and I just stuck my finger in my nose, and it’s black,” she said. The woman then proceeded to show how the inside of her nose was covered with a black substance.

Viewers were shocked that the woman was able to fall asleep with a candle on in the first place, with some telling stories of the terrible repercussions of doing so. 

“How can people fall asleep when they know a candle is still burning,” said @bremzie_.

“My husband burned down his entire apartment complex falling asleep with a burning candle (before I knew him). I do NOT allow candles in my house,” replied @nosirrah_yesirrah.

Dr. Fayez then jumped onscreen to talk about the dangers of burning a scented candle for too long. 

“That black substance is actually called soot, and it’s a substance that gets produced when you burn candles too long or their stated time,” he said. “What makes these dangerous is that they get into your lungs and cause damage.”

Soot can be produced with all types of burning and can be created by engines, house fires and burning coal. 

With Dr. Fayez’s explanation of what Soot can do and a visual representation of how it can look on your body, TikTokers now know why not to leave their candles on for too long. 

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