Burger King is bringing back a cult-favorite menu item — and fast food fans are stoked

After a hard-felt absence, Burger King’s French Toast Sandwiches are back.

The part-sweet, part-savory breakfast item has become a cult favorite for fast food lovers. Burger King originally launched its French Toast Sandwiches in 2019, but after a limited run, it disappeared from the menu.

That disappearance only seemed to spark a greater level of fanfare around the item, which features a choice of sausage, bacon or ham, along with cheese and eggs — all smushed in between two sugary French toast buns (sort of like a McDonald’s McGriddle).

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It’s a trend that many fast food chains have followed over the past several months. McDonald’s recently brought back its fan-beloved Hi-C Orange Lavaburst drink, while Taco Bell announced the return of its cult-classic Quesalupa.

The French Toast Sandwiches will appear on Burger King menus nationwide starting March 25. According to Delish, the chain is also making a small addition to the breakfast dish: Each sandwich will now come topped with an all-new Maple Butter Sauce.

So, how much of a different does the new version taste? Some fast food lovers, like YouTuber Ian K., have already managed to get their hands on it. The response, based on those who’ve been able to find the sandwich in its early, pre-March 25 run, has been pretty positive.

Commenters flooded to Ian K.’s video with plenty of excitement for the sandwich, too. Many said they couldn’t wait to try it out.

“Definitely gonna be trying this one out,” one commenter wrote.

“Might be worth waking up early for,” another added.

“Gotta try it,” another wrote.

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