McDonald’s ‘Espresso milkshakes’ are TikTok’s new favorite secret menu hack

Does McDonald’s have espresso milkshakes? In most countries, the answer is no. But a TikTok hack has customers making the drink themselves.

The “secret” order tip joins an array of fast food secrets shared on the app. In the past, users have revealed their hacks for making custom Taco Bell drinks, getting a “nature’s cereal” Starbucks drink and recreating Chipotle’s famous vinegarette at home.

This latest tip comes from user @melika_zaidi, who’s based in the U.K. That said, her special order works perfectly in the U.S., considering McDonald’s doesn’t serve espresso milkshakes in America.

The same goes for Britain. That’s why @melika_zaidi decided to make her own.

“Next time you’re at McDonald’s you have to try this,” the TikToker wrote in her clip.


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In the video, @melika_zaidi filmed herself at the drive-thru, ordering an espresso and a vanilla milkshake. She then proceeded to pour the espresso into the shake and stir it up.

“This is an award-winning beverage,” @melika_zaidi added.

TikTok users seemed split on the menu hack. Some said it looked delicious, or said they’d tried the idea themselves.

“I used to work there and we’d do this but in an Oreo McFlurry is better!” one user wrote.

“I’m a manager there and I’m curious to try that now,” another wrote.

“I didn’t even know this was a thing,” another added.

Others found the trick a little pointless. Some suggested that @melika_zaidi should just go to a fast food restaurant that actually sells espresso shakes. A few users, seemingly based in Australia, bragged that their McDonald’s locations actually do offer a coffee shake.

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