Pet owner records puppy failing to ‘understand the assignment’

A pet owner wanted to test a popular theory that dogs are gentle with eggs — it was an epic fail. 

TikToker @oliviamangionee wanted to see if her dog Fig would “take care” of an uncooked egg. The idea here is that dogs, like toddlers, intuitively know to be gentle with eggs because they could contain life. Fig, however, may have a different set of instincts. 

“I am going to give my dog an egg. And theoretically, she—” the pet owner said.

But the dog interrupted her by leaping on its hind legs in an attempt to snatch the egg out of her hand. 

“Theoretically, she will understand that she is supposed to take care of it,” she continued

Fig rolled the egg around the kitchen floor using her snout. She tried to bite at the egg, but when she couldn’t, the dog swatted it with her paw. The egg cracked, and the poor pup slipped on the yolk, falling onto her shoulder. Fig quickly recovered from the spill, but the pet owner’s theory turned out to be pure chaos. 

“She did NOT…understand the assignment,” @oliviamangionee wrote in the caption

The hilarious video received over 15.7 million views on TikTok

“The way she slipped on it like it was banana peel in a cartoon,” a user said

“That escalated so fast,” someone added

“I have been waiting years to see a dog finally break the egg,” another wrote

The theory that dogs can gently care for an egg began in 2018 with the viralgolden retriever egg challenge” on Twitter. However, veterinarians discouraged people from giving dogs raw eggs to play with because it could cause salmonella if ingested. Meanwhile, the eggs themselves could pose a choking risk. 

So while it may be funny to give your dear dog an egg, it’s probably best to skip this little experiment. 

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