Dog brings her owner a chilling gift while playing in the woods

The owner of a Labrador retriever was shocked to see her beloved pet playfully running toward her while carrying a fully intact spine.

TikTok user Kate Yandle shared a video of her 1-year-old dog, Ruby, emerging from a wooded area on June 1, carrying a large object in her mouth while out for a walk.

“What have you got, Ruby?” a laughing Yandle asks the dog, before she realizes what the dog has found.

“Wait, oh my god! That’s a spine! RUBY!” she shouts as she chases the dog, who quickly trots away with the vertebrae.

“Life hasn’t been the same since…” Yandle captioned the video, which has since been viewed over 8 million times.

TikTok viewers were seemingly put off by the dog’s foul find, which many believed might belong to a human due to its size.

“Somebody was murdered in the woods,” one wrote.

“The intro to law and order SVU,” commented another.

“Did Ruby just discover a murder or what,” said a third.

Yandle later took to TikTok to update everyone following the “spine chronicles,” explaining that some eagle-eyed viewers were able to identify the “vile present” as belonging to a small deer, not a human being.

Not only that, but apparently, Yandle learned this was not Ruby’s first encounter with the backbone.

“I found out from my sister that she found the exact same spine the day before yesterday,” the dog owner added. “Unfortunately Ruby, you have not solved any cold cases.


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