Viral video shows dogs actually eating teenagers’ homework

In a strange turn of events, a boy proved a dog really did eat his homework. 

Darren James Lamban and his cousin JB Barit captured footage of their dogs Sam, a husky, and Mayor, a pug, tearing their schoolwork apart. The two boys from Antipolo in the Philippines fell asleep on the couch after doing their homework — and chaos ensued.

Security recordings showed Sam grabbing the pile of papers from the entertainment center tabletop. The dog shook his head to rip the homework up. Then Mayor, who was sitting on one of the sleeping boys, jumped off the couch to join in on the feast.

The boys were prompted to review the camera footage after they woke up to find their work destroyed. 

The classic “my dog ate my homework” excuse dates back to 1905, according to the New York Post. In an issue of the Cambrian, a Welsh-American magazine, the music critic William ApMadoc referred to a story where a dog ate half of a minister’s sermon.

Brain Pickings also recalled that in 1936, the author John Steinbeck asked his editor for a deadline extension for the book Of Mice and Men. The reason he gave was that his Irish setter, Toby, ate half his manuscript.

“Minor tragedy stalked. I don’t know whether I told you. My setter pup, left alone one night, made confetti of about half of my [manuscript] book. Two months work to do over again. It sets me back. There was no other draft. I was pretty mad but the poor little fellow may have been acting critically,” Steinback wrote in a letter to his editor, Elizabeth Otis.

So there you have it: Sometimes dogs do eat your homework.

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