Woman baffles TikTok with freaky optical illusion: ‘That scared me’

If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s a good optical illusion. So when TikTok user Leah Malone (@ancatdubh) uploaded a video that was basically her own version of Where’s Waldo?, users were immediately captivated.

“My friend lost their new puppy today,” Malone explained in the caption of the video. The beginning of the video is just a zoomed-out shot of a living room — and to the untrained eye, there is not a dog in sight.

As Malone zoomed in on the fireplace in the room, though, everything started to make sense. Her friend’s dog is a black Lab, and since he was sitting inside the opening of the fireplace, he blended right in.

TikTokers were shocked by this reveal.

“I didn’t know until you started zooming in,” one person said.

“Dude that scared me,” another added.

“Best scary film I’ve seen,” a third wrote.

What a silly pup!

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