Teenager furious over mom’s ‘unfair’ financial move: ‘You have to be fair’

A mother agreed to let her 18-year-old daughter get a dog on the condition that the teen took care of it. 

However, when the mom told her daughter that would include purchasing dog food, things took a turn. The mom went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice.

“I told my daughter that she could get a dog as long as she researched and understood what she was getting herself into, was 100 percent responsible for its care and training,” the mother explained. “I work two jobs (one full time as a teacher and part-time to make ends meet) and did not need or want the responsibility of another pet.”

Her daughter ended up getting a “giant breed puppy.” Though the mom said she’s been “doing well” with training and taking care of the dog, they got into a fight when her daughter realized her mom would not be paying for the dog’s food.

“I did, however, withhold the cost of the dog food from the money I typically give her from my paycheck each week (she cares for my early-Alzheimer’s father part of the time while I’m at work and I pay her to do so),” she explained. “She got mad and said we never discussed she would pay the cost of the dog food and says that me not giving her the full amount she was expecting has shorted her in terms of Christmas gifts for her father (who, by the way, doesn’t even pay child support).”

Reddit users shared their thoughts with the mother, and overwhelmingly sided with her.

“You want your daughter to develop real-world skills, not hate you for being unfair, so you have to be fair with your demand,” one person said

“Sounds like your daughter didn’t understand that 100% responsibility also meant financial responsibility,” another wrote

“She should be responsible for her dog’s food,” someone else commented.  “That’s part of being a responsible pet owner.”

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