Dog groomer makes a mistake and gives the wrong dog to owner: ‘I’m so sorry to the random dog who was lowkey dognapped’

When Amanda Haynes (@amandahayxo) picked her dog up from the groomer’s, she quickly realized that something was off. 

Haynes originally tried to convince herself that the dog she picked up was hers — despite seeing that their ears were shorter and feeling they were heavier. However, when it was time for the dog to get in the car, she knew the dog she picked up wasn’t hers. 


Short version of a long story but I feel so bad for the random dog that was scared 😭😭 i was imagining biscuit at someone’s house & was just glad he was still there after stressing hard af 😭 i was waiting to get home to see if this dog knew his way around the house so i could call back bc this is only the 2nd time we’ve gone to this groomer since moving & it happened bc we arrived 10 min early so my groomer wasnt the one who checked him in so just miscommunication 😩😭 so she offered a refund & i get next groom free & she felt horrible but in conclusion I’ve never been so thrilled to see biscuit ever & i’m so sorry to the random dog who was lowkey dognapped for a few min LOL & if this was ur dog i promise he was in good hands & they rly did look similar 😭 doggroomer nightmare

♬ original sound – Amanda Haynes 🌟

“Once I got out to the car is when I knew that it was not Biscuit because Biscuit has a car seat, and he comes everywhere in the car with me,” she said. “Once he didn’t act like he knew where he was going… I just knew it wasn’t Biscuit.”

She went back inside to ask the groomers if there was a possibility they gave her the wrong dog, which they quickly denied. 

“They’re like, ‘No, that’s genuinely Biscuit. The only other doodle we’ve had today is a girl, so it couldn’t be a mix-up,'” she said.

Once the groomers denied the mistake, Haynes took the dog home, as she didn’t know what else to do. The dog continued to cry in the car. However, before Haynes got home, she received a call from the groomers saying that Biscuit was still in the shop and hadn’t been cut yet. 

There are plenty of stories about groomers making mistakes. However, several people would have drawn the line at misplacing the dog. 

“They don’t even look remotely the same dog to me. Caged and forgot? I wouldn’t go back,” replied @britneybxoxo3.

“DON’T TAKE HIM BACK. I used to handle litterally 75-100 dogs a day, and we NEVER sent home the wrong dog. We even had 2 litter mates with similar name,” said @thehdragon.


Replying to @shawnamarshall0 the real biscuit <3 I tried telling them a million times it wasn’t him but they were gaslighting me that he was the only one there so i didnt know what to do 😭 & that dog wouldnt make eye contact with me so I couldn’t get a really good look at him until i looked at the videos after 😩 worst experience ever

♬ original sound – Amanda Haynes 🌟

Haynes said in the comments on another video that she may never take Biscuit to a groomer again and will learn how to cut his hair. 

The overall situation was hectic, but Haynes expressed exactly how she felt in the caption of the first video. 

“I’ve never been so thrilled to see biscuit ever & i’m so sorry to the random dog who was lowkey dognapped for a few min.”

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