Dog develops unusual tail syndrome after a happy day at the beach: ‘So sweet and expensive’

This Twitter user shared the hilariously unexpected “syndrome” her dog developed after an exciting day at the beach!

Now, much like the dog dad who made a shocking discovery after spending $400 in vet bills to diagnose his pup’s strange “sympathy” limp, this dog’s adorable injury is going viral.

Emily Gaudette (@emilygmonster) is a Twitter user, writer, and content creator who makes social content for Prime Video and has written about movies for Newsweek, Polygon, SYFY, and more. Emily shares funny stories and anecdotes on her Twitter account, including a recent story about the time she took her dog to the vet and discovered he had a condition called “happy tail syndrome”! 

Emily shared the story in response to another tweet requesting that people “tell me about your most ridiculously funny emergency vet bill.” 

Emily responded, recalling the time she brought her dog, Harley, to the emergency 24 hour vet after spending a day at the beach because she was acting “skittish” about her tail. Worried that Harley’s tail was broken or injured, Kristin rushed her to the vet for an examination.

“One 2 am x-ray later and the vet says she has ‘happy tail syndrome,’ meaning she wagged it so hard on her beach day that it was sore,” Emily recalls. 

“They handed us our dog (doped up for her anxiety about the x-ray) and a pamphlet that said something like ‘TOO MUCH FUN?’ Over a photo of a dog with its tail in a cast,” Emily explains. 

Emily’s story had Twitter users cracking up and sharing their own stories. 

“Wholesome content!” one Twitter user wrote. 

“That sounds so sweet and expensive,” another Twitter user laughed.

“My dog got this but it was sore from hitting her tail against stuff too hard when she got excited. Big lovable oaf,” another Twitter user recalled. 

“I had a friend whose dog had broken their tail multiple times from just being too happy and smacking it on stuff,” shared another reader. 

Fortunately, Harley was just fine and wasn’t seriously injured after her fun beach day! Emily ended the Tweet thread by thanking her followers for their kind words and stories. 

“Harley says thanks for all the kind words! She is way too charged up about her Tweet going viral,” Emily wrote, sharing a video of the excited pup running through a grassy field. 

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