18-year-old dog smiles every time owner wakes him up: ‘My old boy’

An 18-year-old dog always has the same sweet reaction when his owner wakes him up. 

A clip of the senior dog is going viral in Reddit’s “Aww” forum with over 45,000 upvotes. Every day this pet owner gently wakes his dog Bear up. And every day, Bear opens his eyes with a warm grin. 

“My old boy smiles every time I wake him up. Going to be 18 in November, this is Bear,” the Reddit poster wrote

Bear was sound asleep on the floor when the owner softly petted the large, fluffy black dog. The canine’s eyes softly opened, and instantly, his stoic face appeared to turn into a joyful smile. 

“I had his mom for 17 years. She was collie/husky. Bear came out of the third litter. [I’m] almost 100% sure it’s a chow father cause he hung around our property for a few months. Crazy though cause it seems every dominant trait came out in Bear from previous litters,” the Reddit poster explained

While he does believe Bear is part chow chow, Bear doesn’t have a spotted tongue. In fact, Bear was the only dog from a litter of nine pups with his features; the rest resembled their mother

The Reddit poster said when Bear was born he was a ” little tiny black cotton ball and I couldn’t let him go.” 

“What a sweet old guy. But to tell the truth, I would probably smile if someone woke me up like that,” one user commented

“I literally feel my heart melt when he smiles,” another wrote

“Wow, 18 is a long life for a pupper that size. You must really have cherished and cared well for him,” someone added

“Who cut the onions? It’s making my eyes water from all the love Bear is getting. I thought maybe a couple [of upvotes],” the Reddit poster wrote in the comment section

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