Security camera catches ‘porch pirate’ stealing neighbor’s food

A dog was caught in the act on a neighbor’s security cameras. The so-called “porch pirate” was out on the prowl, hunting for snacks.

Dogs can get restless when they’re kept indoors, but who knows what they’ll get up to when you let them outside. One neighborhood found out the hard way when they discovered that the local package burglar was actually a furry friend.

TikToker @watchstich curates feel-good viral videos from around the web. The account featured footage of the adorable canine thief. 

“We can’t even be mad at him. This is the cutest porch pirate you’ll ever see,” @watchstich said. “On an evening stroll, Max stole a box of his neighbor’s jerky. All that was found were the wrappers.” 

The golden retriever was captured snooping around a porch via a night surveillance camera. The black and white footage showed the fluffy bandit as he nabbed a box of treats, then went on his way. He cooly strutted off into the night, but little did he know he was caught red-handed. 

TikTokers were smitten with the covert pooch. Let’s just hope his neighbors were as forgiving. 

“I couldn’t be upset either. Cutest little thief,” one person commented

“So funny!” another wrote

“Too cute,” a user added

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