Dog owner shows how puppy changed during her ‘teen phase’

It’s not just humans that go through the teenage stage. For other critters in the animal kingdom, it can be just as brutal of a time. 

Dogs typically undergo their teen years at around five or six months, with the adolescent period wrapping up at around 18 months to two years. 

According to Blue Cross, “The most common reported issues around this time are general exuberant and boisterous behavior, not coming back when called and failing to respond to training that has previously been taught.” 

That means teen dogs can be just as challenging and moody as human teens. One pet owner, @winifred.wiggles, gave a look at how her German Shorthaired Pointer Winnie changed during the “teen stage.” 


Oh and i forgot to mention that her barking at people/dogs outside our house is 📈📈📈 #gspsoftiktok #gsp #teendog #dogtraining101 #teendogtroubles

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Although they didn’t garner much interest as a pup, as a teen, Winnie, has a higher prey drive. So she’s always distracted by birds and small animals. 

“She’s gotten much more adventurous,” the pet owner said. “The other day, she fully chased a seal into the waves.” 

During hikes, Winnie wanders more. At home, she’s far more energetic than before. She’s always making noises, darting across the room, being mischievous and doesn’t know her own strength. 

“But I’m starting to see more and more the adult dog she is going to become, and I still think this is so much better than the puppy phase,” she said. 

Dog owners found the video on Winnie’s teen years to be informative. 

“It is SO refreshing to see realistic dog content. I was destroyed when I realized my dog would rather do anything other than sleep,” a person wrote

“Is this why my dog suddenly goes sicko mode over frogs and squirrels?” a user said

“My dog is five and he still hasn’t learned to be gently affectionate,” a TikToker joked

“Our youngest dog just turned one and her demand barking is borderlining tantrum barking,” another added

“When my German Shepherd went through his teen phase he chewed a hole through the wall of my house almost to the outside,” someone commented

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