Dog trainer demonstrates how to make healthy ‘pupsicle’ dog treats: ‘Such a great doggie daddy!’

This dog trainer shared a TikTok video showing how to make easy and delicious frozen “pupsicle” treats for your dog!

Sam Snell (@sit_fordogs) is an animal lover who is training to become a dog trainer. Sam shares videos of his adorable pets on TikTok, along with dog training advice and a variety of animal care tips.

In a recent video, Sam revealed his recipe for frozen dog treats, and it couldn’t be simpler!

“A lot of people asked about these ‘pupsicles,’” Sam explains at the beginning of the video, while showing off a platter of colorful frozen dog treats shaped like paws and bones.

“Today we’re gonna talk about the easiest pupsicle to make,” he continues. 

Sam’s dog treats may look fancy, but they only require one ingredient to make: unsalted chicken broth. 

To make them, Sam starts by grabbing a box of unsalted chicken broth and a few ice cube trays. “Make sure your broth has no onions/garlic,” Sam clarifies in a comment on the video. 

Sam uses ice cube trays shaped like bones and paws to make the frozen treats look extra adorable, but any ice cube tray will work. Sam simply fills the trays with a few spoonfuls of chicken broth, then places them in the freezer. Once frozen, the “pupsicles” are ready to eat!

While unsalted chicken broth might not sound like a particularly exciting snack, Sam’s dog clearly loves the frozen treats. At the end of the video, Sam shows his German shepherd, Dakota, happily snacking on a few pupsicles, and even stealing them away from Sam’s cat! 

Viewers loved Sam’s “pupsicle” recipe, and some even shared a few recipes of their own.

“I don’t even have a dog, but the aesthetically pleasing dog treats hooked me,” commented one TikToker. 

“Love! My dogs think regular ice cubes are treats, so I love the idea of pupsicles,” another viewer wrote. 

“I make [“pupsicles” using] plain yogurt, bananas, and peanut butter (crunchy),” commented another TikToker. 

Sam’s “pupsicles” aren’t just an adorable treat, they can also have health benefits for your dog! In another video, Sam explains that the “pupsicles” can help keep dogs from overheating during the summer!

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