‘Chaotic’ dog gives kids ‘one heck of a wake-up call’ every single morning

A family dog’s affectionate wake-up call borders on complete chaos. The kids look forward to it every day. 

The thought of your beloved dog springing into action, hopping on the bed and waking you up with cuddles every morning sounds like a scene right from a movie. One family gets to live out the fantasy just about every day with their goldendoodle. But the scene looks quite different in real life. TikTok mom Brittney Landrum shared how her kids like to get up every morning. 

“One heck of a wake-up call,” Landrum captioned the video. “I personally would not want a dog to wake me up like this every morning. But this is what the kids ask for every single morning,” the mom said.

The goldendoodle rushed into Landrum’s daughter’s bedroom. It pounced on the bed. The little girl was bundled under the covers as the dog jumped up and down on top of her. She barely moved. The goldendoodle wagged its tail feverishly as it repeatedly rolled around on top of the girl, who hid under a blanket, seemingly unfazed, the whole time. The happy dog looked more like it was wrestling Landrum’s daughter rather than cuddling her, but it was what the child had requested nonetheless. 

“I’d prefer this over an alarm clock,” one person said

“I gotta say, I’m with your kids on this one. Chaotic good,” another wrote

“That’s a big ole NOPE from me,” someone commented

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