Dog whines for sweater every time he gets cold

A TikToker’s dog might be one of the few that actually likes getting dressed up. 

Salem is a Doberman mix. He and his sibling, a golden retriever named Sirius, have 1.8 million followers on TikTok. When humans try to dress up their dogs, the canines will often put up a fight or reluctantly tolerate the clothing. But Salem is different. The critter practically begs for his favorite pajamas whenever the weather gets too cold. 


When Salem gets cold he sits and cry’s until I put one on him. I’ve been hanging them up on the dog kennel & he’s started bringing them to me

♬ original sound – Sirius & Salem

“It’s pretty cold here in Vegas this morning, and Salem keeps staring at me, which means he probably is cold and wants his sweater on,” the owner explained

The dog sat on the couch with his owner, whimpering from the chilly weather. 

“When Salem gets cold, he sits and cries until I put one on him,” she said. “I’ve been hanging them up on the dog kennel, and he’s started bringing them to me.” 

When the owner instructed Salem to “get it,” the dog instantly knew what she was talking about. He went and grabbed his plaid sweater and brought it back to her. After the dog got on his pajamas, which had a turtleneck long enough to cover his ears, he looked snug as a bug. 

The adorable and cozy video received over 8.9 million views on TikTok.

“What a distinguished-looking gentleman,” someone commented

“This is how I look with my head poking out of the blanket,” another wrote

“My Doberman always needs his blankie. They get cold!” a user said.

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