Dogs absolutely lose it when their owner comes home

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and dogs never fail to prove that point.

Anyone who has ever had a dog knows the heartwarming sensation of being greeted by one. There is nothing like the unconditional love from man’s best friend. A few moments when you’re gone can feel like an eternity for the canine, so it’s no wonder Yu-Ya, who goes by Yuya4Four on TikTok, wanted to record his dogs’ reaction to his homecoming.

“It is a video of when the now-deceased Pearl and Buddy greeted me when I came back from studying abroad,” the caption, roughly translated from Japanese, said. 


留学から帰ってきた時に今は亡きパールとバディが出迎えてくれた時の動画です。part1 泣#おうち時間 #犬#ゴールデンレトリーバー#ボーダーコリー#みんなに見せたい動画 #犬好き#rip#dogsloveyou@rudystagram.wpbr

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In the footage, Yuya4Four returns from his trip, suitcases still in hand, when Pearl, the Golden Retriever, and Buddy, the Border Collie, see him in the distance. The dogs completely lose their minds. Buddy is the first to break free from the woman holding his leash and the dog runs into Yu-Ya’s arms, nearly knocking him over with kisses.

Next, Pearl breaks loose — but she’s a little more well-trained. She makes sure to pick up her leash’s handle with her mouth before reaching the owner. The touching moment is all the more bittersweet knowing the Pearl has since passed away. 

The video unsurprisingly racked up over 3.2 million viewers.

“The golden one picks up her leash first,” one TikTok user commented

“Awww, just like my dad’s late dog Baby Bear would run and jump into my arms after being away for so long. Thankful he gave me 22 years of happiness,” another shared.

“This is why I love dogs,” one added.

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