Dogs freak out as owner unpacks box of 200 tennis balls

Oh, to be a golden retriever opening a box of 200 tennis balls.

Marissa Ferguson-Berg, who runs a dog grooming company in Summerville, S.C., shared footage of herself unboxing 200 of the 400 used tennis balls she bought on eBay for just $70.

Her four dogs, including golden retriever Thor, appear ridiculously excited over the contents of the box.

“Thor knows what’s in this box, so he’s opening it,” Ferguson-Berg says as the pup tears at an edge of the large green and white box.

After getting two of the 200 balls out of the box, Thor happily runs away to play with his other four-legged friends, not realizing what else is in store for them.

Eventually, Ferguson-Berg goes over to assist in the unboxing.

“You ready for the best damn thing you’ve ever had in your whole life?” she asks the dogs, before lifting the box and making it rain tennis balls on the pack.

I bought 400 used tennis balls off eBay for only $70. Here is me unboxing 200 of them!!

Posted by Marissa Ferguson-Berg on Monday, May 18, 2020

Thor’s contagious excitement was a clear hit on Facebook — the video has amassed over 1,200 views plus plenty of comments from fellow dog lovers.

“This just made my day!” one woman wrote. “Now have fun picking all of those up!”

“I’d say someone is super excited!” said another.

“Okay you absolutely just won DOG MOM OF THE YEAR,” commented a third.

Earlier this year, another very good boy unofficially broke the record for most tennis balls held by a dog at one time.

Finley, a 6-year-old golden retriever, somehow learned to fit six tennis balls in his mouth at a time, beating the current Guinness World Record, which was set in 2003 by a Texas golden retriever named Augie, who held a mere 5 balls in his mouth at once.

His owner, Erin Molloy, who lives in Canandaigua, N.Y., is seeking recognition in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for the feat.

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