Teach kids about plant propagation with this DIY dollar store wall garden

This TikTok plant parent shared a tutorial for making a DIY kid-friendly wall garden with items from the dollar store, and it’s an awesome way to teach kids about gardening and the science behind plants.

TikToker Chloé Diane (@chloediane_) is a social media manager, content creator, and proud parent to a toddler–and countless plants–who often shares clips of plant care tricks and tips. In one of her videos, Diane shows viewers how to make a cool propagation wall using items she bought at a dollar store, and viewers are taking notes! 

At the beginning of the clip, Diane shows off her dollar store haul, including clear travel bottles and a few small spherical terrarium planters

Diane demonstrates how to make the propagation wall using quick shots of each step. After removing the caps from the travel bottles, she fills them with water. 

Next, Diane sticks double-sided sticky velcro adhesives to each bottle, making them easier to remove from the wall and fix back on when replacing the water. Then, she places a short leafy vine in each plastic vessel. 

Finally, she removes the paper covering the adhesive and firmly sticks each bottle on a wall. The finished product is an easy and inexpensive wall garden, where kids can observe how a plant propagates and breeds itself through the clear bottles. 

Viewers loved Diane’s DIY dollar store wall garden and took to the comments to share their love. 

“Not me going to go annoy my husband that we have extra errands to run today,” joked one user. 

“And to think I’m propagating in a used Starbucks cup,” chimed in another TikToker. 

“Going to the dollar store NOW,” one excited viewer declared. 

As Diane’s video shows, growing your own garden is an excellent and satisfying way for people of all ages to learn about plants.

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