TikToker explains how they found a ‘$1,200’ bottle of champagne at an estate sale

Dom Pérignon champagne is one of the most expensive drinks in the world.

The luxury champagne is a favorite among celebrities and royal family members, and some bottles go for thousands of dollars. The most expensive vintage, Dom Pérignon Rose 1959, reportedly retails for $84,700.

That’s why so many TikTokers lost their minds when a user named @thewafflewizard found a bottle at an estate sale for just $4. Viewers were even more surprised when the TikToker revealed that they opened and drank the champagne instead of reselling it.

“My sister just told me it’s a $1200 bottle,” @thewafflewizard captioned their video.


My sister just told me it’s a $1200 bottle 😬 Gonna open some 30 y/o Dom from an estate sale #domperignon #wine

♬ original sound – haaeli p

In the clip, the TikToker reveals that the bottle is from 1992, a full 30 years ago. Then, they proceed to pop the bottle.

“If this wasn’t stored properly, it’s gonna be flat and it’s probably gonna taste like freaking whiskey,” @thewafflewizard says in the clip.

Generally, champagne stays good about three to four years after it’s bottled. Meanwhile, vintage champagnes like Dom Pérignon can last for five to 10 years.

The 30-year-old bottle had obviously lasted much longer, however it is true that some high-end vintages can keep their bubbles and flavor for decades.

And @thewafflewizard seemed to think the bottle held up. In a follow-up video, they taste-tested the drink and said it was still tasty.


Opening 30 year old Dom part 2 Pinching myself – what the heck just happened?!?

♬ original sound – haaeli p

As for how expensive the bottle really is, TikTokers had plenty of estimates. Some commenters, claiming to have knowledge of the wine industry, estimated the value closer to $600 or so.

According to the wine-selling website Wine Searcher, bottles of 1992 Dom Pérignon currently sell for an average of $557. Even at that price, TikTokers were shocked that @thewafflewizard “wasted” the bottle by opening it.

“I would’ve sold that so fast,” one user wrote.

“I work in wine sales and I’m sooooo jealous and happy for you,” another added.

In a third clip, @thewafflewizard explained their reasons for not selling the champagne. For one, they said their family has a long-standing tradition of “celebrating with bubbly,” and that it was worth the loss to enjoy it.

Many commenters praised @thewafflewizard’s treat yourself mentality.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it! I can totally appreciate the sentimental value,” one user wrote.

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