Domino’s employee shares heart-wrenching reaction after difficult delivery order

A Domino’s Pizza employee is going viral after sharing his heartbreaking reaction to a particularly difficult delivery order.

The clip, shared by TikTok user is sparking a major debate about tipping in the service industry.

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In the video, reacts strongly to a recent delivery order, during which he allegedly received a $0 tip. That outcome, the driver claims, came after standing out in the rain for 5 minutes as he waited for the customer.

“This is why you should tip your drivers,” the TikToker captioned his video.

😱This is why you should tip your drivers 😰 ##fyp ##dominos

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The clip shows in what appears to be a kitchen or stock room, yelling and placing his hands on his head. He ultimately knocks over a stack of pizza boxes and walks away.

It’s unclear who filmed the video, although it sounds as though it was possibly another employee.

“Bro, just calm down. You’ve only gotta take one more delivery,” the person filming the video says.

“No. I don’t want to work here anymore,” replies.

The video has since been viewed nearly 2 million times — and sparked a major debate among TikTok users. Many commenters wrote that they felt for workers who rely on tips.

“If you can’t tip, don’t order out. Especially in a pandemic,” one user wrote.

“I literally can’t comprehend how people don’t tip,” another added.

Other users, however, were quick to point out that tipping is optional, adding that delivery workers shouldn’t “blame” the customers. To that, many TikTokers said that service industry workers shouldn’t lose out just because the “system is broken.”

“[This is] why the delivery fee should go to drivers,” one user wrote.

“No one should rely on tips. Companies should start paying their workers,” another added.

The viral video comes just days after a similar video — from an Uber Eats driver — sparked a similar debate. That clip, which drew millions of views, began when the driver allegedly made $1 for a 45-minute delivery job.

For his part, seems to be doing better. The TikToker shared a follow-up clip the next day, thanking TikTok users for their kind words and support.

😱Thanks for all your support 🙏 I’m famous😅 The Big Tippuh ##fyp ##dominos ##foryoupage

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