Students reveal hack for getting ‘free’ unlimited Domino’s pizza

A group of students has shared their hack for getting “unlimited” free pizza from Domino’s on TikTok, and viewers are now divided over whether it’s clever, or just stealing.

The video, which was posted by user @gurpreet_gillx and has since racked up almost 4 million views, shows a group of students sitting at a Domino’s and piling pieces of pizza into Tupperware they brought in from home.

Once they “finish” the first pizza, they get another one from a Domino’s staff member and repeat the process. Then, all three give a thumbs up to each other before leaving with a plastic bag full of pizza.

According to some of @gurpreet_gillx’s comments, the group is based in Spain, where Domino’s apparently has a promotion that gives customers a free pizza every time they finish a pizza.

“We paid €7.50 each and got 4 pizzas and refill drinks,” they added. “Spain do it right haha.”


Unlimited dominos pizza only means one thing when you’re a student 😂😂#tupperware #dominos #pizza #lifehack #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #viral #xyzbca

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The group used the viral “nobody’s going to know” sound and captioned the clip with, “Unlimited Domino’s pizza only means one thing when you’re a student.”

Commenters seemed divided over whether the ploy was genius or “illegal.”

“What feels illegal, but isn’t illegal,” one person commented.

“It is illegal since you have to finish the pizza first to get a new one,” another replied.

“It’s not,” someone else chimed in. “There are now laws that say you have to eat the whole Domino’s pizza.”

“This is stealing,” another claimed. “Because it is in-house consumption only. Same with an all-you-can-eat buffet. You are not allowed to bring containers and take it with you.”

“You finessed the system,” one commenter concluded.

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