What does it mean when someone says ‘don’t ask me the color of anything’?

TikTok has invented a new phrase to express what it’s like getting caught in a thirst trap. 

When you’re so transfixed by another’s beauty, it can get a little distracting. So much so you totally miss any details in the conversation or anything happening in the room. Leave it up to people on TikTok to perfectly capture this sentiment with, “Don’t ask me the color of anything.”

What does “don’t ask me the color of anything” mean on TikTok? 

Similar to the “sorry, mommy,” trend, people will usually say, “don’t ask me the color of anything” after they’ve spotted a crush. The joke is that their infatuation prevented them from registering what was going on otherwise, like the colors in their surroundings. 

When @ash.e.e showed off her lava lamp — and her curves — she knew exactly what she was doing when she asked, “Sir, what color was the lava lamp?” 

After @sofityler posed in front of the camera to Nirvana’s “Nevermind” the comments said it all. 

“With all due respect, please don’t ask me the color of anything,” a user said

TikToker @maxtaylorlifts shook his rump to The Kid LAROI and people didn’t hold back. 

“What color was his shirt?” someone asked

“What was the roof color?” another commented

“What was the color of the door?” a user wrote

Even Nerdist couldn’t help but use the phrase when confronted with a picture of Jensen Ankles in The Boys season three. 

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