Donut-obsessed toddler steals TikTok’s heart in adorable viral video: ‘That look of bliss after the first bite was everything’

These TikTok parents shared a sweet video of their adorably bossy toddler demanding to go on a donut run!

Emily (@emilyfauver) is a TikToker who loves sharing videos of her toddler daughter, Ella, and her husband, Dylan, on TikTok. Emily recently shared an adorable video of Ella demanding her dad take her to go get donuts, and it had TikTokers’ hearts melting!

The video begins with Dylan lying in bed, filming Ella as she approaches him. Ella leans forward and asks, “Donuts, daddy?”

“You want to go get donuts?” Dylan replies sleepily, as his daughter stares intently at him. 

“Yeah!” She replies. “Chocolate donuts!”

“Chocolate donuts?” Dylan asks, as Ella tugs on his arm eagerly, trying to force him off of the bed. 

“Yeah,” the toddler replies.

In the next shot, Ella stands a few feet away from the bed and raises her fists in the air. “Come on!” She says. “Please daddy? Get up!” 

Finally, Dylan acquiesces. In the next shot, Ella sits in the back of the family car, a look of amazement on her face, as Dylan drives her to the donut shop. “Donuts!” She yells, with a big grin on her face. Dylan and Emily begin to giggle as the toddler continues to chant, “Donuts!”

Then, Ella is out of the car and running to the donut shop. “This way,” Dylan says, as the toddler takes off enthusiastically in the wrong direction. 

Ella finally makes it to the donut shop, where she looks into the display case and points at a chocolate donut. “This one,” she tells her parents. 

“You want that one?” Dylan asks, before placing her order. 

After a moment, the donut shop employee hands the excited toddler her donut in a paper bag. She says goodbye to the employee and thanks them for the donut, then leaves the store with her parents. 

In the car, Ella finally gets to enjoy her donut. She sits, strapped into her car seat, a look of joy on her face as she takes the first bite. 

The video ends with a photo of Ella holding her half-eaten donut, with a giant grin and plenty of chocolate smeared on her face. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable donut-loving toddler. 

“Going for donuts in jammies is the kind of life I want to live too,” wrote one viewer.

“I can’t handle how stinking cute she is,” another viewer commented.

“That look of bliss after the first bite was everything!” wrote another TikToker. 

Sometimes in life, it’s the simple things that mean the most. Getting donuts might be a small treat, but it brought plenty of joy to Ella and her family! 

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