Doom Eternal launches first campaign DLC, The Ancient Gods

Doom Eternal has released The Ancient Gods — Part One, the game’s latest campaign DLC which continues the Doom Slayer’s never-ending war against the forces of Hell.

In the game’s original campaign, the Doom Slayer destroyed the towering Icon of Sin to end the demonic invasion of Earth and save the human race from utter eradication. Or so it seemed.

Unfortunately, killing the Icon of Sin only delayed Hell’s march on Earth. Now, in The Ancient Gods, the Slayer embarks on a quest to find his old ally Seraphim in order to halt the invasion for good.

The trailer reveals that the Slayer is returning to Urdak, the game’s version of Heaven, and exploring new locations in the realm that we haven’t seen before.

Credit: Bethesda

Doom fans have been looking forward to this one for a while. When Bethesda released Doom 2016, it was widely praised for its revamped combat system and death metal aesthetic (one of the game’s songs was played by a chainsaw) while still remaining true to the spirit and feel of the franchise.

Doom Eternal doubled down on all three of those aspects, which is why players were thrilled when Bethesda announced The Ancient Gods. I, myself, am only an hour into the campaign so far, but as a long-time Doom fan, it’s delivering for me so far.

Credit: Bethesda

If you haven’t played Doom Eternal yet, the best way to describe it is as a brutally violent puzzle game. While players of all skill levels can enjoy Doom Eternal, it truly shines on Nightmare mode, the game’s hardest difficulty.

Nightmare elevates Doom Eternal from being a mosh pit to a ballet that requires both sharp reflexes and a cerebral approach. You’ll need to deftly juggle through a variety of weapons to deal with different enemies and kill them in an efficient order.

Like how it sounds? Then the Slayer’s life may be for you.

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods — Part One is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and requires Doom Eternal to play.

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