A DoorDash driver claims he got an order request for a delivery 740 miles away

A DoorDash driver is going viral after sharing how he allegedly got an order request for a delivery more than 700 miles away.

TikToker @kaelumgrantt shared the alleged bizarre situation in late October. Since then, his clip has drawn nearly 8 million views — and sparked a more serious conversation about how delivery drivers are compensated.

It’s just the latest video by a delivery driver to go viral on TikTok. Recently, users have shared clips about an Amazon driver finding an “unsafe” detail in a customer’s home and a Postmates customer giving a massive tip to a driver who crashed their car during a delivery.

The video from @kaelumgrantt seems to have started with some sort of mistake. The TikToker, who seems to be located in Ohio, claims he got an order from a customer in Rhode Island — 741 miles away from him.

Overall, @kaelumgrantt had a pretty lighthearted reaction to the whole thing.

“They’re trying to send me on an adventure,” he says in the TikTok. “That food is not arriving by 9:53 p.m. … Do you not know distance?”

He then goes on to “apologize” to the alleged customer.

“That’s crazy, bro,” he says. “I’m sorry, but you’re not getting your food. Put some rice on the stove. Get to cooking.”

The video sparked plenty of questions from TikTokers — as well as strong reactions to the fact that if @kaelumgrantt did accept the order, he seemingly would’ve made just $9.25.

“The fact that DoorDash lets you order from that far should be a crime,” one user wrote.

“How is it only $9? I order something five minutes away, and it’s $20,” another added.

“If it was like $900, I’d probably do it,” another added.

Based on the stark contrast between the distance and the cost, it seems like the entire situation was some sort of error. According to DoorDash’s FAQ page, the standard delivery range for a business is 5 miles. Food retailers have the chance to extend that range if they want, but not to a distance as large as 741 miles.

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