DoorDash driver shares the hidden downside of delivering to apartment buildings

A DoorDash driver is sparking a wide-spanning debate after revealing how long it can take to complete deliveries to some apartment complexes.

The driver, posting under the username @highemma, shared the video in a now-viral TikTok. In the clip, she films her long, complicated walk from the inside of an apartment building to the parking lot outside.

It’s just the latest video from a delivery driver to stir up conversation on the app. Last month, one DoorDash driver shared how they received an order request from 740 miles away. Before that, TikTokers spent weeks praising an Amazon worker who pointed out an “unsafe” detail while delivering to a customer’s home.

The video from @highemma had a similar effect, causing commenters to argue over the responsibilities of delivery app workers. Immediately, users were arguing over who’s to blame when a driver completes a long order and earns the same pay as a simpler, shorter order.

Many commenters criticized @highemma’s video, arguing that she has no grounds to complain about a job she has opted into.

“Complaining you have to walk? You should be thankful you even have a job,” one user wrote.

“DoorDash drivers always complain about everything,” another added.

A similar point came up on TikTok just a few weeks prior. In that case, the argument began with a FedEx driver who shared a clip in which he seemed to be complaining about his post-Black Friday workload.

Just as in that scenario, plenty of TikTokers also came to @highemma’s defense. Many of them, some of whom claimed to be delivery drivers themselves, argued that DoorDash should offer a higher base pay for orders going to large apartment complexes.

“This is why I don’t accept orders if it looks like apartments on the map,” one user wrote.

“Apartments and hotels are the worst,” another agreed.

“It’s always the top floors too. ALWAYS,” another wrote.

Other users wrote that they try to meet their driver outside when they place an order from an apartment building. Some even said they tip more when they know the delivery is complicated.

“I usually meet them outside or give them a big tip,” one user wrote. “Love you guys.”

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