What does BookTok mean when they talk about the ‘doorframe lean’?

There’s a new trend going around #BookTok, and it has a lot of people unexpectedly swooning.

It’s called the “doorframe lean” challenge and its premise is really pretty simple: A couple stands in a doorway as one puts their arm up on the doorframe seductively and leans in for a kiss.

It’s a scenario we’ve all seen before — whether we’ve watched it in a bunch of rom-com movies or read about it in romance novels. Either way, it’s a common device that never seems to get old for romance fans.

But have you ever thought about what it would feel like to try this move in real life?

According to most TikTokers who’ve tried it, the answer is yes, yes and yes.

One of the first TikTokers to attempt the challenge was @elite.reading, who recreated it with her husband and produced some incredible results.

“ooooo he understood the assignment,” one user commented.

“If I ever get married one day … this is what I want,” said another.

“THE EYE CONTACT. THE HAND PLACEMENT. YOU WIN,” someone else declared.

Others who’ve tried it out have said it’s just as “hot” as they imagined in the books — even if it got them a bit giggly or awkward in the moment.

Some TikTokers have simply asked their partners to lean against the doorframe on their own, just to see if that gave them the flutters.


#booktok was right… the door frame lean is 🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵 even when he’s not trying and in a work uniform. @moorehouserockk #doorframelean #leaning #books #romance #sexy #man #boyfriend

♬ Starboy – The Weeknd

At least one guy even tried it on his wife, who he said isn’t on #BookTok and was unaware of the trend. Apparently, it worked like a charm:

Whether we understand it or not, the doorframe lean is a classic move for a reason — and clearly here to stay.

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