Double-amputee Poodle mix is a beacon of light in her community

Zach and Heather Skow rescued Cora, a Poodle mix, through Zach’s dog rescue Marley’s Mutts. The two-legged dog is a double amputee following a terrible car accident. The Skows paid for Cora’s $10,000 life-saving medical treatment when they got her from the shelter. Cora required the amputation after her front legs became infected. 

Zach says that Cora’s injuries don’t impede her ability to have a good life. 

“She, quite simply, is always in the moment and never allows a moment to go by without truly living it to 100 percent,” Zach told the Daily Mail

A video compilation from the owners shows Cora with blue ears, hopping like a bunny in the family’s California backyard. You can spot her wrestling with the other pets and getting chin-scratches from Zach. 

Zach has a soft spot for Cora and his other dogs. He struggled with addiction and his health suffered because of it, but what got him sober was focusing on caring for his pets. Zach said he walked them so much and became so healthy he was able to avoid a liver transplant.

“Cora has the same effect on me that she has on everyone who meets her, she makes everything better,” he told Daily Mail. 

The Poodle mix also serves her community. She accompanies Zach to his prison program where he pairs inmates with rescue dogs for mutual rehabilitation. 

“She is quite simply a bright shining source of light which has the ability to bring light into places of great darkness,” Zach said

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