Doula films what her typical ‘postpartum shift’ looks like: ‘It would have been a godsend to have someone like you’

This TikToker shared how she helps new moms by working as an overnight postpartum doula!

TikToker @aquasvenusian is a parent and professional doula who shares videos about her work and family life. In one recent video, the TikToker shared what it’s like working an overnight shift as a postpartum doula in a family’s home. In the video, Aqua’s Venusian shares her step-by-step routine and reveals the hard work it takes to help new parents!

The video begins with the TikToker standing outside the home of the family she works for. “Arrival: 8 p.m.,” a caption reads as she slides the front door open and enters the house

“So, first I check in with mom and dad and see how everybody’s doing, get a report for the day, and then I see them off to bed,” she explains, as she enters the family’s kitchen

“Here I am cleaning mom’s pump parts,” she continues, demonstrating how she carefully washes each part of the mom’s breast pump with soap, before moving on to the bottle sterilizing station where she prepares clean bottles for the baby

“Now I am prepping the bottle sterilizer,” she explains. “I like to put the bottles in there as I use them throughout the night. That way, in the morning I can just start it on my way out.”

Next, the doula explains how she changes the baby’s diaper, feeds him, then brings the now-clean breast pump up to the mother on a tray. “I put it in this little tray so that way, when she’s done, she can just set it outside her door,” she explains. 

Once the mom pumps, the doula prepares bottles for the baby, carefully pouring 3 ounces of milk into each one and placing them in the refrigerator. 

When the bottles are prepared, the doula gets to spend some quality time with the baby. “Baby snuggles!” she exclaims, joyfully, as she holds the newborn baby in her arms. 

Finally, before leaving, the doula spends 30 minutes cleaning up the house. “I go through and I clean, wipe down everything, get one more pumping session from mom and make her those bottles,” she says. “I start the sterilizer as my very last thing, and then I am done for the night. I am headed home to go to bed.”

The video ends with a shot of the sun rising outside. A caption reads, “My bedtime: 6 a.m.”

Viewers applauded the doula for the important work she does. 

“My baby just turned 7 weeks and wow, I wish I knew this existed!” exclaimed one viewer. 

“You are such an angel. It would have been a godsend to have someone like you, especially for the first few days or even weeks!” another viewer commented. 

“Seriously the most amazing thing I’ve seen! This is one lucky momma to have you!” wrote another TikToker. 

Being a new parent can be exhausting, but having a doula can make things just a little bit easier!

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