What does ‘down bad’ mean? The phrase has a few suggestive meanings

Internet slang is always evolving and growing. That means there’s always a new term to learn or phrase to unpack. 

The phrase “down bad” has taken on a life of its own on social media. People seem to be using it in a myriad of ways, but the spirit of the term is to yearn. Here’s how to understand what people mean why they say they’re “down bad.”

What does ‘down bad’ mean on social media? 

Urban Dictionary defines “down bad” as the feeling of being so attracted to someone, you almost feel depressed that you two aren’t together.

But it’s mostly used to refer to basic feelings of longing, desperation, sadness, depression and loneliness. 

There’s also a 2019 song called “Down Bad” by Dreamville, featuring J. Cole, J.I.D, Bas, EARTHGANG, & Young Nudy.

The chorus features the lyrics, “I was just f***** up, I was just down, down bad / I had to tighten the f*** up, but I’m here for the crown, crown, crown, crown.” 

Some examples of ‘down bad’ 

“Me petting my cat (he is very down bad),” @rngdankness tweeted. 

Some even use the term to refer to being low on funds. The user @ElaniKitten tweeted “we are down bad” with a meme about overspending. 

“We’re down bad,” Taylor Swift fan, @backtoselenx, tweeted in excitement for the artist’s new re-recording. 

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