Drag superfan pulls off fierce, powerful and unapologetically Black new look

Elijah has been a “drag butler” but he’s never been in drag himself. 

For this week’s episode of Dragged, seasoned queens Jasmine Rice LaBeija and Marti Gould Cummings talked to Elijah about what kind of drag queen he’d like to turn into.

First, Marti kicked things off by asking Elijah to define his role of “drag butler.”

“You carry the bags, you carry the wigs, you carry the shoes, you carry the dolls,” Elijah explained. 

“And now you want to be the one who is cared for,” Marti said. 

Then it was time for Elijah to get his makeup done. When he first caught a glimpse of himself, he was ecstatic. Marti asked if seeing himself glammed up changed his perception. 

“I feel like everybody deserves a right to be pretty. Growing up like, I didn’t really always feel like that,” Elijah said. “Needing to feel certain types of things — and masculine. So feeling actually very pretty is wonderful. ” 

“That’s why drag is so amazing,” Jasmine remarked. “It empowers you and it reminds you that you’re beautiful no matter what shape or form you’re in.” 

But Elijah’s transformation was still not yet complete, he needed an outfit. Jasmine and Marti picked out a gold and leopard fringe dress and giant pumps. Along with the new look came Elijah’s new name: Nubia.

“I feel the power. I feel regal. I feel royal. I feel pretty,” Elijah declared as he posed for the camera.

Jasmine said Nubia’s look was similar to the vibe and style of the people from Wakanda, the fictional place in Black Panther.

“The face is everything. I love the braids,” Elijah said. “I love the nod to natural hair and like the nod to Black is being enough.” 

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