Disabled drag queens exist. This newly-minted queen proves it.

Tune into Dragged every Thursday, where drag queens Marti Gould Cummings and Jasmine Rice LaBeija help to transform and make over everyday people into their dream versions of drag queens.

If you can’t see it, you might as well be it — and advocate for inclusion along the way. On the newest episode of “Dragged,” contestant Janira wants to represent people with disabilities in drag culture. With the help of seasoned drag queens Marti Gould Cummings and Jasmine Rice LaBeija, Janira is on a mission to empower herself and her community through a saucy drag makeover.

“I feel like in the disability community, there’s kind of like a stigma that we can’t do [drag],” Janira tells the queens. “I kind of want to represent that we can get dragged.”

“Drag is for everyone,” Cummings responds. “All people should have the ability to do drag.” Amen, sister.

Credit: Cyle Suesz for In The Know

To start Janira’s drag transformation, Cummings and LeBeija pick a standout rainbow sequin number and sky-high hair, hoping the bold look helps Janira make a big statement on representation.

Once the outfit is snatched, Janira works on picking a drag name that represents herself and her community. The newly-minted queen says she feels connected to the word “unique” for a drag name, inspiring Cummings to suggest the simple name Queen Unique.

And with that, it’s time to hit the runway.

Credit: Cyle Suesz for In The Know

While showing off her sparkly show-stopping look and teased-to-the-gods hair, Janira says she feels “transformed and empowered.”

And Queen Unique has a message for her royal subjects: “We are all made uniquely different, and we have to own that.” Bow down.

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