Dragon chicken’s ‘unusual and rare’ features make it among the most expensive meat in the world

Hidden in the Dong Tao commune in the Khoai Chau district of Vietnam are chickens that would make any visitor do a double-take.

The Dong Tao chicken, otherwise known as the dragon chicken, is an “exceedingly unusual and rare” with notably large and scaly feet, according to the blog Domestic Forest. In fact, the chicken’s feet can grow to the size of a human’s wrist, making the chicken itself a highly sought-after delicacy in Vietnam.

In 2019, Newsflare licensed a 30-second video that shows just how unique the chicken is. A close-up reveals a pair of reddish-yellow feet with talons that some would find intimidating. As the video pans to the animal’s face, the dragon chicken stares into the distance intensely as if it were seemingly acknowledging how otherworldly it is.

Because of its eccentricity, the dragon chicken, which was once only available to Vietnam’s royal family, can cost up to $2,500 — a price tag that ranks it among the world’s most expensive meat. The price is also largely due, in part, to short supply: Domestic Forest notes that the dragon chicken is “quite difficult to rear” since it is sensitive to weather changes and doesn’t lay eggs as often as other chicken breeds.

The blog further adds that the Dong Tao rooster can weigh up to 13 pounds, while the hen can weigh approximately 10 pounds.

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