Drake’s ‘Over’ got classically remixed and is taking over TikTok

Hip-hop artist Drake’s hit song “Over” was a force when it was released in 2010, but a unique remix has made it a trending TikTok song. 

The original version of “Over” starts with fast-paced violins and assorted string instruments before falling behind Drake’s lyrics. The newly founded orchestra Strings From Paris took the string section in the background of the song and made it the entire arrangement, which is now a viral sound. 

The Toronto/Los Angeles-based group posted a video in early 2023 of them performing the song with a scene from Drake’s acting days on Degrassi: The Next Generation. The video now has over 1.2 million views and over 273,000 likes. The sound itself has been used in a number of TikToks, with nearly 28,000 videos attached to the sound. 

Turning hip-hop songs into classical arrangements isn’t new. Audiomack has an entire series titled “Trap Symphony” in which they partner with a rapper to perform their song with an orchestra behind them. In 2018, Nas performed at the famous Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra as his band. 

Strings From Paris recently released the full version of their cover on YouTube, and the video already has over 25,000 views in the first few days of being online. 

One of the most popular trends this sound is linked with is the viral Coco photo meme. In the meme, Miguel, an animated character from the 2017 Disney/Pixar film, puts together a photo of the trend and reveals a big part of the past. While that’s the basis of the meme, TikTokers have taken that to a new level.

“THE BOYS ARE BLOOD,” said @spraypaint.jetta

While the soundtrack for the Coco meme is the main use of this sound, users continue to be creative with the other videos from this arrangement. 

Here, TikTokuser @a3kbabyy shows that even this hip-hop classic can be turned into a romantic wedding staple because of the string arrangement. 


we gone be frying each other romantically, in the name of love #fyp

♬ Drake Over Strings Version – STRINGS FROM PARIS

“Dis how we use to do it back in the day,” joked @_tdesigner_  about the idea of having this bombastic rap song turned into a dance song. 

With over 170 million albums sold, Drake is one of the biggest musical artists in the world. So even when his decade-old songs get remixed, it isn’t a surprise that people start to latch onto them. 

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