Woman performs dramatic reading of hilarious AOL chat with her BFF from 2007

Unearthing your childhood memory box can definitely bring up a whole lot of feels — some heartwarming, some sad, and others just straight-up cringe. But it can also be hilariously enjoyable to be reminded of how ridiculous your younger self could sometimes be.

That seems to be what one woman on TikTok recently experienced after she dug up a 16-year-old conversation she had with her best friend over AOL Instant Messenger and then read it aloud for the entire internet to enjoy.

“I found this print out of a fight me and my friend Kelly had on AOL Instant Messenger in 2007 in my grandma’s basement, and I’m gonna do a dramatic reading,” Gianna Alexis (@giannaalexis8) says at the start of the video.

She then begins to read each part from the exchange in which her screen name is J2P2G2 and her friend’s is dRaMaQUeeNxoX434. What follows next just might be the vaguest and most indirect argument two people have ever had.

“Question,” Gianna writes at the start of the convo.

But right away, Kelly doesn’t have time for it.

“cnt tlk srry ill call u later,” her friend replies abruptly.

That’s when Kelly goes silent and throws up an away message about having people over for her brother’s birthday.

“no nvm i dont like you,” Gianna writes back in anger.

Seconds later, Gianna says Kelly comes “back with a hit,” writing simply, “okay,” in response to her friend’s last message. 

“I kinda figured tht out a longggggggg time ago,” Kelly added.

The two friends start going at it, with Gianna telling her friend, “I can’t believe you,” and Kelly firing back, “omg wut did I do I CNT BELIVE U.”

“bt wt eva ill tlk bout it later gtg,” she says before trying to end the chat for the second time.

By this point, Gianna isn’t letting her friend off the hook, telling her exactly what she did. (Well, sorta.)

“you said to people that youre gonna get me before i get you,” Gianna told her.

“no I sed I dnt wan start ne thing,” Kelly insisted.

From there, the two start bickering some more, though it’s still not clear what exactly their beef was other than some tension at school around lunch-table switching.

However, when Kelly calls Gianna “fake,” it becomes pretty clear: Shots have been fired.

Another classmate’s name is also brought up at one point, but Gianna blacked out that line for privacy reasons.

Then, at the end of the chat, she does her very best to have the last word before signing off.

“lether know i DID kiss a freshman to while youre at it,” Gianna says defiantly. “ok? yea lil miss thing. i went there.”

The “vicious” fight, which was probably considered pretty intense at the time, would likely have faded from memory if Gianna hadn’t found it in her grandma’s basement. But the good news is that she and Kelly are still really close friends to this day, which is why the discovery of this chat was more hilarious than anything else.

Now that the TikToker’s AOL chat has been heard by thousands of viewers, many people are weighing in to reminisce about their own AIM days.

“We were all SO DRAMATIC on AIM and FOR WHAT!!!!!” wrote one person.

“PLSSSSS,” added another. “The away messages were the best.”

Someone else described the middle school behavior we all exhibited on AIM as certifiably “unhinged.”

Others applauded her middle-school zingers.

“Yea little miss thing I went there LMAO,” one person wrote.

At the same time, the most minute parts of the note brought people back to their youth.

“The lingo nostalgia,” one person said.

“When Comic Sans was unironically the superior font,” added someone else.

But most of all, people were somewhat envious of the fact that Gianna was even able to find one of her old chats in the first place.

“I would pay a decent chunk of money to access my archive of AIM arguments with middle school friends lol,” one person told her.

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