TikTok users share the craziest stories they’ve ever lived through in ‘dramatic’ trend

TikTok is bringing the drama once again with the #DramaticStory meme. 

This wild trend has people sharing some of the craziest experiences and thoughts they’ve had. And thanks to some expertly used sounds, TikTokers sure know how to maximize their stories for dramatic effect. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the #DramaticStory hashtag taking over TikTok. 

What is the #DramaticStory trend on TikTok? 

In one version of the #DramaticStory meme, people recollect some interesting anecdotes from their past. The trend typically uses the role reveal sound effect from the video game Among Us for extra flare. 

Much like in @pickledunicorns‘ dramatic story in which she recalled the time she crashed into an FBI car, users typically caption the story while darting their faces in various directions. 

The #DramaticStory hashtag has over 100 million views at publish time.

Another version of the meme has people exploring their unsettling thoughts and dilemmas. 

Like when @suncreamladies pondered the merits of career exploration in a capitalist system.

The meditations on the U.S. economic model earned her over 1.3 million likes.

“Explains it all perfectly,” someone commented

“I have this convo with myself daily,” another wrote


Don’t do what I did by do travel!!!

♬ original sound – Variations Everything

The user @abba.chick recalled the many times she went off with strange men while traveling across Europe. 

“So the plot of Mamma Mia.” a user joked.

“Have you seen Taken,” a person responded

But @c.sirinity used the #DramaticStory meme to ponder why her boyfriend wasn’t texting back. 

“Yeah sis I do the exact same thing,” one person said.

“It be a whole rollercoaster in my head,” another commented.

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