Who is Dream? The YouTuber is facing cheating allegations

Many Minecraft fans are already engrossed in the enigma that is Dream, a gamer that YouTube declared its No. 1 breakout star in 2020

Dream, also known as DreamWasTaken, turned Minecraft speedruns into intense online events last year. The grand finale to his Minecraft speedrun, where he tried to beat the game as three friends played against him, amassed a whopping 51 million views in three months.

The superstar gamer is a bit of a mystery, though. Nobody knows his real identity, and there has been no shortage of scandals surrounding the YouTuber these days.

How did Dream rise to fame?

He gained popularity by hunting down the popular YouTuber PewDiePie’s Minecraft world seed. The gamer is one of the highest-ranking Minecraft players in the world and is famous for his speedruns. 

Dream also became known for his signature wheezing laugh. 

What is his true identity?

All anyone knows about Dream’s real identity is that his name is Clay. 

He has never shown his face on social media but another streamer and friend, Karl Jacobs did reveal some details. 

Jacobs tweeted a cropped photo of Dream and a screenshot of his contact list showing Dream’s name was saved as “Clay” on his phone

Dream often teases faces reveals that never really go anywhere, much to the chagrin of his fans. 

When he said he would reveal his identity on Jan. 1, 2021, but didn’t deliver — it did not go over well. 

Dream held a sign over his face but when he removed it at MrBeast’s YouTube Rewind event, it was just another mask. Fans were furious and doxxed him. They used Zillow, a real estate marketplace, to find Dream’s home location — not cool.

The events led to speculation that Dream had died, which was fortunately not true.  

How old is Dream?

Dream was born on Aug. 12, 1999 and is 21 years old. He has two sisters and a younger brother, along with a cat name patches. Despite his recent success, he launched his YouTube channel in 2014. 

His first YouTube video with 50 million views debuted in August 2020, a Minecraft speedrun where he faced three hunters. 

He created the gaming collective known as the Dream Team.

In 2019, Dream founded the Dream Team with gamers GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap. The gaming collective of YouTube content creators make videos about Minecraft and host a private SMP server where they hang out with fans. 

He’s best known for his Minecraft speedruns.

Dream is famous for his unique brand of Minecraft speedruns where he attempts to beat the game as quickly as possible — while playing against other real gamers. These are often his most popular videos which is why a recent controversy was all the more shocking to his followers. 

He denied cheating after officials called the legitimacy into question.

In December, a moderation team that oversees Minecraft records accused the Dream of faking his speedruns. The team used mathematics and computer science to make the case that Dream’s consistent success in the game was statistically unlikely. They released a 29-page investigation.

“The events that were observed on Dream’s stream cannot be modeled by any sensible, conventional probability distribution,” the paper concluded. “After accounting for any contributors of bias, the likelihood of this occurring is still unfathomably small.” 

Dream denied all of the allegations and suggested the moderators had a grudge against him.

“Luck is not a reason to accuse a runner (who has gotten multiple world records, and done thousands of speedruns) of cheating,” Dream tweeted. “That’s just ridiculous. Especially when I could just fake a run offline if I wanted to like I’m sure many people easily could.”

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