Dreamy cloud jelly recipe looks just like a summer sky

Samantha Wong is the creator behind the Hong Kong-based blog Sam is Home. Wong shares her musings on travel, art and food. But it’s her TikToksamishome that serves as a modern yet whimsical home cafe. The foodie’s drinks are truly one of a kind as she blends TikTok trends with creativity to come up with new concoctions like edible flower ice cubes

Wong is also a Dalgona coffee whiz apparently. The Korean beverage took social media by storm in 2020. There are thousands of videos that show how to prepare the Instagrammable treat made of whipped instant coffee, sugar, hot water and milk. 

But Wong’s Dalgonas are on another level. Green matcha cream and rich chocolate Dalgona coffee are a couple of her upgrades. While impressive, neither compares to her cloud jelly version, inspired by TikTok trendy cloud bread. The drink looks like a summer sky. It’s a translucent blue with clouds floating throughout and topped with what looks like a piece of real cloud plucked from the sky. Fortunately, Wong shared her dreamy recipe

First, she stirs one packet of blue Jell-o with one cup of hot water. Next, she adds one cup of ice and refrigerates the mix for five minutes.

Next, she layers the sky and clouds. Wong pours a small layer of blue Jell-O into a serving glass. Then she smears cloud-shaped clumps of whipped cream onto the glass. She repeats these two steps until the glass is full. To top things off, she adds a puff of white cotton candy with a blue-and-white-striped straw. 

While the cloud jelly is far removed from cloud bread and an original Dalgona, it’s definitely the spiritual sister in aesthetic. The recipe was viewed over 109,000 times. 

“Are you planning to open Sam’s cafe soon?” one user wrote.

“Most beautiful drink ever! Omg!” another said

“Wow, dreamy” someone added

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