Drop everything and watch this dog feed a baby goat

A family of dog breeders has just blessed Instagram with the gift that keeps on giving — a painfully adorable video of a dog feeding a baby goat with a bottle.

Jeff and Emily Mabey run Green Valley Australian Shephards from a ranch outside of Salt Lake City. The Green Valley Instagram account is dedicated to the Mabey children and the litters of pups the family raises.

“Just in case you were needing a little midweek pick me up … here’s a smile for ya!” the Instagram caption reads.

The video features Dusty, a very clever Australian Shepherd who was taught how to properly feed baby goats on the property.

Unusual animal pairings are one thing, but watching this unbelievably sweet duo take care of each other is a whole new level of cuteness.

“Better than humans,” one person replied on Instagram.

“Ok, YOU WIN!!! Hands down cutest thing I’ve seen this morning,” another person added.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Australian Shepherd is an intelligent and loyal working breed of dog — which certainly explains how Dusty became a helpful resource for the Mabeys on their ranch.

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