TikTok found an affordable alternative for Drunk Elephant’s cult-favorite bronzing drops – and it’s $13 cheaper

There’s no pick-me-up quite like a fresh tan. But if you don’t have a tropical vacation coming up on your calendar, you can still add a little bronze moment to your makeup routine.

By now, most people know about easy-to-use bronzing drops thanks to social media. They instantly add a subtle, bronze glow to your face. And it’s no secret that the Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops are the undisputed queen of the category and constantly sell out. But at $38, they are on the pricier side for one ounce of product.

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops, $38

drunk elephant d bronzi drops
Credit: Sephora

Naturally, TikTok hopped on the case and found a similar product that is $13 cheaper. Meet Indeed Labs’ Nanobronze Bronzing Drops. Retailing for $25 for one ounce, they’re a solid, more affordable alternative to Drunk Elephant’s formula that provides similar results.

Indeed Labs Nanobronze Bronzing Drops, $24.99

Credit: Ulta

TikTok user @cocourbon compared the two formulas side by side on camera and said, “I think I’m going to have to go with the Indeed Labs Nanobronze on this one. I just feel like it gives me a little bit more coverage and a little bit more of a tan.” Another user, @juliempiedra1, agreed and called Indeed Labs’ version “literally the same thing if not better,” while @rawmakeup called them “identical” to Drunk Elephant’s D-Bronzi.

According to its product description on Amazon, the Nanobronze Bronzing Drops are “an instantly blurring, bronzing and hydrating formula that provides an immediate sun-kissed appearance and long-lasting glow.” Plus, the drops can also reduce the appearance of redness over time. So if you’re still damaging your skin by getting a natural sun tan, this is your sign to stop!

Bronzing drops are great for those who don’t want to deal with the semi-permanence of traditional self-tanner because they wash off and blend easily with your other face products. The best way to use them is to mix a few drops with your daily moisturizer and apply it as you normally would. You can even use the drops on your neck, chest, arms or anywhere else you want a little glow.

Save yourself a bit of cash and still sport that fresh-from-vacation glow by picking up Indeed Labs Nanobronze today!

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