What is the Duck Call Challenge on TikTok? The latest trend is delightfully unhinged

TikTok users are freaking out over duck sounds in the latest bizarre trend.

Like so many other TikTok challenges the “Duck Call Challenge” isn’t exactly as it seems. People on social media took the premise and seriously made it their own with some hilarious and crass results. 

What is the “Duck Call Challenge” on TikTok? 

Back in December, TikToker Ethan Kirby posted a video where he used a duck caller, a device that mimics the sound of a duck when you blow in it. 

“Please duet this if you can blow a duck call better,” Kirby said before blowing into the device. 

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Kirby’s video got 1.1 million views and many users accepted his challenge. But it probably wasn’t quite the way he had imagined. 

These are not your average duck calls. 

Kirby only requested better duck calls, he didn’t necessarily require participants to use the same method as him — so he got some unconventional answers. 

The user @bojangleseatin is a great example of some of the twists these submissions can make. 

“Remembering how my hands are supposed to be,” @bojangleseatin said as he cupped his hands together and held them over his mouth. 

It was a fake-out, though. “Come here ducky!” he said in a cutesy voice.

Not everyone used their mouth to blow a duck call. 


#stitch with @ethankirby21 MY POOR CAT

♬ original sound – Safiya

“This is a challenge?” the user @wizqueifa_ asked as she gazed into the camera. 

She took several steps backward and got into a comfortable twerk position. Then @wizqueifa_ twerked until she passed gas repeatedly. The sound was bizarrely similar to Kirby’s original duck. The video was so funny one user claimed it made her throw up

“I have never been more unprepared for something in my life than I was for this video,” one user commented

“Can I sign you up for America’s Got Talent,” another joked

Drumming TikToker @drewonthekit had a totally different duck call in mind. He turned Kirby’s original sound into an alt-rock song that many compared to the band Primus. 

“Why does this slap so hard!” somebody commented.

“Was thinking Rage Against the Machine but definitely Primus,” a person wrote

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