Meet Ducky, the Yorkie who loves dressing up as Harry Styles on TikTok

Ducky the Yorkie is TikTok’s lovable, pop-culture-obsessed dog

Los Angeles-based fashion blogger Christine Hsu recreates custom celebrity outfits for her Yorkshire terrier Ducky on TikTok. Hsu found Ducky through Craigslist nearly eight years ago, now the chic canine has over 1.9 million followers on the platform.

So far, Ducky has dressed up as Hollywood’s finest including Harry Styles, Jojo Siwa and Ariana Grande

“I personally think he knows when it’s time to take photos and videos because he is always on his best behavior,” Hsu told In The Know. “He’ll just sit here, ‘hmmm, what do you want me to do now, mom? Do I just stand here? OK.'” 

While Hsu has a background as a fashion blogger she was never trained in costume design. 

“I don’t have a background in designing clothes at all,” Hsu said. “I don’t sew and I want these costumes to be like for other people to be able to do them too. I have to get creative sometimes and use whatever I have around me. Some of them are much easier than others.” 

She typically plays to her strengths and picks outfits that she can actually pull off. Using hot glue, fabrics, markers, rhinestones and other materials, Hsu can usually get the job done with impressive results. Not to mention, Ducky is also a small dog, so there’s a lot he can wear comfortably. 

While Hsu and Ducky get to play their fashionista fantasies out to millions of fans, their TikTok is just as personal as it is glamorous. 

“I literally spend every single day with Ducky,” Hsu said. “He’s my best friend. My favorite part about doing all of these videos for Ducky is that I know I can always look back on them and it’s like created a lot of memories together.”  

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