Woman does double take when Dunkin’ receipt says her iced coffee has 54 creamers in it

When a TikToker ordered her usual iced drink at Dunkin’ Donuts, she couldn’t believe the mistake a worker made. 

The user @dearantoinette usually orders an iced coffee with “cream and sugar” every time she frequents the franchise. But when she recently bought the drink, it came back looking paler than normal. She instantly knew something was off. 


54 creamers for an “iced coffee with cream and sugar” 🙃 guess I got the Michael Scott special of milk and sugar in the morning #coffee #dunkin #whattheheck #awkward

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“Thought my iced coffee looked a little light,” the video caption read

She showed off her iced coffee, and it barely looked like there was any coffee in it. It appeared as though the cup was filled with ice and milk or cream. When she looked at the sticker receipt on the cup, someone had made a mistake. The order was for a large iced original coffee with four sugars and “54 creamers.”

“Fifty-four creamers for an ‘iced coffee with cream and sugar.’ Guess I got the Michael Scott special of milk and sugar in the morning,” she wrote in the caption, referencing The Office. 

She did clarify in the comment section that it was probably just due to an oversight. 

“I don’t think workers are ‘dumb’ and don’t think there were 54 creamers but definitely more than even five,” she explained in the comment section. 

She added, “I know it’s not actually 54 but way more than the normal cream. I get cream and sugar every time, and it’s never this light.” 

The video racked up almost 1 million views on TikTok

“I used to work there. It’s easy to make that mistake, so they definitely knew not to put 54. That looks like six creamers to me,” a person commented

“That’s coffee milk at that point,” another wrote

“Would you like some coffee with that creamer, ma’am?” someone joked

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