Duo hilariously fails at viral online photography trend

Chris Bag-ao is a hilarious TikTok influencer. Fashionable, fierce and funny you can expect to find satirehumorous commentary and skits on his page. But some of Bag-ao’s best material is when he is making fun of internet culture itself, like photo hacks

Bag-ao doesn’t parody all those so-called easy photo tricks with everyday objects, so much as he shows that they’re not so simple for the average person. 

“This is how my friend takes pictures of me,” his sardonic caption reads

First, there is the smoke bomb hack, that’s supposed to create a cool hazy effect. Bag-ao makes sensual expressions as smoke wafts across his face. The final result: a pic of him wincing at the fumes. 

Then there’s the water bottle pop, which should project a stream of light in the image. He holds up a water bottle to his face and the photographer snaps a shot up close. The photo looks like a funhouse mirror of Bag-ao’s warped face. 

Next, is the infamous pasta strainer hack. The strainer allegedly creates cool and interesting shadows on the subject’s face. But Bag-ao’s photo is just a picture of the pasta strainer. 

Finally, it’s the silhouette shot. Here, the photographer is supposed to use light and shadow to capture the outline of the person’s frame. Bag-ao’s comes out as a black square. 

The hilarious video was watched 2.7 million times on TikTok

“I’m trying to hold back my laughing. It’s 3:06 a.m.,” one user wrote.

“I choked on my water with the second one,” another person said

“I never laughed so hard in my life,” someone commented

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