Dust devil stuns tourists visiting Seven Magic Mountains: ‘So creepy’

While visiting the Seven Magic Mountains installation in Las Vegas, a woman captured the shocking moment a dust devil emerged. 

Sajel Shah and other tourists were outside enjoying the colorful rock sculptures made by renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone when the dust devil appeared. Shah had her camera ready.

She posted the stunning clip on Instagram. The small twister descends from the crystal blue sky and touches down on the ground. 

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“Shah this is incredible, take a video,” a man says off-screen. “It’s like a dust storm. Right there.” 

It winds through the guests, who look minuscule in comparison, then through the sculptures before whipping away into the sky. The dust devil seems to dissolve almost like it was never there. 

“Wow, so creepy at the end when it dissipates all of a sudden,” one Instagram user wrote

“Definitely a delightful dust devil!” another said

“Welcome to Vegas. Lol,” someone joked

A dust devil is a spinning column of air that forms when a small area of the earth’s surface rapidly heats. When the warm air at the surface pushes upward toward the cool air above it, the convergence causes circulation to develop. The rotating air then sweeps up dust and dirt causing a dust devil. Much like in the video, these funnels appear and disappear fairly quickly, typically within minutes. 

Once again, Mother Nature provides the best tourist attraction. 

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